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Bill Dineen

Welcome to Treasures of Zeus (TOZ).   I would like to give you a little background about myself and business.  My business is named after our toy Australian Shepherd name Zeus (he was named before we got him).  We had the great fortune of having him for a little over 5 years, before he succumbed to an auto-immune disease this year.


As for myself I was a member of the USAF for 11 years working in the maintenance and administration field. I have lived outside of the country for 11 years.   I then moved on into corporate life working in technology for Motorola, Intel and lastly Hewlett Packard.  During this time I have had the opportunity to work with light construction, maintenance, repair, landscaping and making jewelry from design to finished product.  During these many years I have worked as executors of several estates, and have been able to buy and sell many various large and small items for over 42 plus years.  I have been successful in following trends because of this reason.   This was done through small business venues, auction houses, estate sales and more recently through various apps such as Craigslist, E-Bay and Facebook Market.


So doing estate sales came naturally in my semi-retirement years and I am excited to continue my lifelong journey of learning and helping others. And thanks to family, friends and many other wonderful people that I have meet over the years I can continue to contribute by helping others as they enter their next phase in life.